Annual Maintenance Contracts for all types of Buildings

Annual Maintenance Contracts for all types of Buildings

Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) for all types of buildings are agreements between facility management companies and building owners or managers to provide comprehensive maintenance services for the entire year. These contracts ensure that buildings remain in optimal condition by addressing preventive maintenance, routine inspections, and timely repairs across various systems and components within the facility. Here’s a breakdown of

Our contracts typically cover:

HVAC Systems: Regular maintenance of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to ensure efficient operation, including cleaning, filter replacement, lubrication, and calibration of controls.

Electrical Systems: Inspections, testing, and maintenance of electrical systems, including distribution panels, wiring, switches, outlets, and lighting fixtures to prevent electrical hazards and ensure compliance with safety standards.

Plumbing Systems: Maintenance of plumbing fixtures, pipes, drains, and sewage systems to prevent leaks, clogs, and other issues that could disrupt operations or cause damage to the building.

Fire Protection Systems: Inspections, testing, and maintenance of fire detection and suppression systems, including fire alarms, sprinkler systems, extinguishers, and emergency lighting to ensure readiness in case of fire emergencies.

Building Automation Systems (BAS): Monitoring and maintenance of BAS, including control systems for HVAC, lighting, security, and access control to optimize energy efficiency and building performance.

Structural Maintenance: Inspection and maintenance of the building’s structural elements, such as roofs, walls, floors, and foundations, to address wear and tear, prevent water infiltration, and ensure structural integrity.

Security Systems: Maintenance of security systems, including surveillance cameras, access control systems, intrusion detection systems, and alarms to protect the building against unauthorized access and security threats.

Landscape and Exterior Maintenance: Services such as landscaping, exterior cleaning, painting, and maintenance of parking lots, walkways, and outdoor amenities to enhance curb appeal and ensure a safe and welcoming environment.

Emergency Response: Provision of 24/7 emergency response services to address urgent maintenance issues, such as power outages, water leaks, HVAC failures, or security breaches, to minimize downtime and mitigate risks.

Regular Inspections and Reports: Conduct scheduled inspections of the building and its systems, documenting maintenance activities, and providing detailed reports to the building owner or manager on the condition of the facility and any recommended repairs or improvements.

Protec’s AMCs offer building owners and managers the convenience of outsourcing maintenance tasks to professional service providers, ensuring that your properties receive regular attention and care to operate efficiently, maintain value, and comply with regulations.

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